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bikram hot yoga

The sequence of 26 postures was scientifically designed to systematically and progressively work every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint, moving fresh oxygenated blood around 100% of the body, into each and every organ and fiber, restoring all systems. Every posture prepares you for the next, and each proceeding posture gains from the previous one, resulting in incredible benefits that include improved posture, muscle & joint mobility, concentration, increased energy, and overall rejuvenation.



Top reasons for practicing Bikram Yoga at The Yoga Quarter

1. Bikram Hot Yoga  offers a Complete Fitness Program  

A remarkable sequences of 26 Hatha yoga postures equals total mind and body workout, resulting in improved physical and mental health.

2. Invigorating.

Maintaining a calm, focus, quiet mind while exploring your physical & emotional edge is not easy.  If you want to transform your stiff, unfit, or injured body, you have to work for it.

3. Strength, Flexibility & Muscle Toning

Systematically & progressively work every muscle, joint, ligament and tendon in your body

4. Weight Loss

Burns between 600 to 800 calories per class and re-balances your metabolic rate

5. Detox

The sweat flushes toxins and metabolic waste from your body, improving circulation and complexion

6. Sports Performance

Rehabilitates injuries such as Knee and Hamstring issues, and improve your overall performance

7. Reduce Stress

Teaches you breathing techniques that calm the central nervous system, eliminating stress and anxiety

8. Re-balance Hormones

Every gland in your body is stimulated, improving poor wake-sleep cycles, depression, metabolism, immune system, sexual/reproductive systems and hunger cravings

9. Enhanced Focus & Concentration

Physically working hard in a hot room forces an unparalleled connection to your body and mind, producing heightened mental clarity


Classes are open to everyone, regardless of experience. Designed for beginner & advanced students alike; no previous yoga experience required.


Why True Heat

The studio is heated to approximately 105°F/41°C (approximately 40% humidity) to help loosen the joints and improve the elasticity of the muscles, which allows for safer and deeper stretching.  It also promotes sweating, resulting in an amazing detoxification.

Best of all it forces your mind to let go.  Starting out this can be hard.  Once you've learnt to empty the mind your whole mind / body connection becomes electrified.   The heat enhances you mindfulness, transforming your ability to connect, listen & feel.

This is the reason why we maintain the true Bikram heat (We don't do warm yoga).


Most of the classes are 90 minutes long with few morning and lunch time classes 60 minutes long.  The express class consists of the same Bikram 26 postures and two breathing exercises.  Not all postures are repeated twice but those that are not are held for longer.  Perfect for a quick fix on a busy morning or afternoon or to fit it within your lunch time break.