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Set your intentions

With Dirish Shaktidas
14th January, 2018 1.30 - 3pm (90 minutes)

Bring yourself and your intentions to this New Years workshop.

You will start with pranayama, move with yoga and be guided with meditation to set your intentions and create the energy you want for 2018.

£20 (£15 for autopay members) 


Bikram Yoga Masterclass

With Michael Eley and Sindy Haque
27th January 2018, 12.15 - 2.15pm (2 hours) 

Are you a new student looking to understand just where to put your hands and feet or a long time practitioner ready to go somewhere new in your practice? This class is your opportunity to refresh and learn more so that you can stay motivated for the rest of the year. Every posture in the Bikram series will be explained, demonstrated and students will be given space in the class to ask questions and receive individual corrections.

£20 (£15 for autopay members) 

Sunday Yindulgence  500.png

Sunday Yindulgence

With Laura Mcdonald
4th February 2018, 12.30 - 2.30pm (2 hours)

Take some time for yourself and discover how wonderful it can feel to let go and surrender into a slow Yin practice. With the body supported by props, the muscles can let go and we can allow the pose to sink into the deeper tissues of the body. This benefits us physiologically as we can target the deep fascia and safely exercise our joints, but the emotional and psychological benefits of letting go and accepting 'what is' are huge. Come and find out for yourself with this extended 2 hour practice. Laura studied with Bernie Clark, author of 'The complete guide to Yin Yoga' and 'Your Body, Your Yoga' in Vancouver.

£20 (£15 for autopay members) 

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Hippy Therapy (TYQ Exclusive)

With Michael Eley
7th of January, 11th February 2018 and the first Sunday of each month thereafter, 1.30pm - 75 minutes

This class concentrates on the hips: whether your goal is to be able to sit in lotus pose for hours on end or just to get up and sit down more easily, you’ll improve strength and flexibility of the hips. Getting the hips to move more freely often takes the pressure off the lower back and knees, and can be therapeutic for the whole body, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting (cycling and running or lifting heavy weights, gardening or cooking and pretty much anything...).

Free to members or £20 drop in


Bikram yoga basics workshop

With Ana Wood
28th January and the last Sunday of each month thereafter, 1.30pm - 75 minutes

This workshop is designed for students in their first six months of yoga practice. It is a great platform to deepen the understanding of the postures, get tips and individual corrections and ask questions.

Learn the correct alignment, understand therapeutic benefits of yoga and make the most of your practice.

Free to members and Introductory Offers or £20 drop in


Inferno hot pilates masterclass

With Fiona Allen
25th February
1.30pm - 75 minutes

As the pase of inferno class is quite fast this workshop will allow time to break down the set exercises with time to discuss correct alignment together with the breath needed to get the most out of each movement. 

This will entail a more detailed discussion on the 'Pilates based principles ' of the class, giving time for each student to ask questions about their own postures and correct any misalignment within the exercises. The workshop will also teach modifications and variations to help those that may be recovering from any injury. 

£20 (£15 for autopay members)