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Gong Bath 

with Melanie Fismer
11 November at 8pm, 1 hour, and every Sunday thereafter

Relax, release and rejuvenate with the Sound Bath.
Lie down, relax and journey inwards, as Melanie  will guide you through a soothing sound journey. Experience a healing high frequency of gongs, native flutes & shamanic drums, luring you into deep meditative states of sonic bliss...

Everything is made of vibration... everything moves, oscillates, breathes & sings with resonant frequency. Stress, an annoying tube journey, negative thought patterns, traumatic events can knock us all out of alignment...

so relax & receive a soothing sonic tonic that will subtly begin to spin your cells back into harmony.

The gongs send out pressure waves, that stimulate neurones in your frontal cortex - usually only achieved through years of meditation - so the gong takes you into deep theta states, releasing a whole orchestra of happy chemicals into your brain & body...from dopamine, seratonin, endorphins & beyond!

The healing will contribute to balancing out both hemispheres of the brain, stimulating your immune system, releasing toxins from your body & coaxing you into a happier, healthier state of mind...

Free to members or drop in at £16 or class cards apply




The Arc of the future. 

with Charlotte Taylor
25 November at 1.30pm, 90 min

There is a sacred map in your body. Learn to read it. 

Working with the natural folds of your body, this dynamic combination of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga offers an invigorating holistic flow focused on alignment and breathing. Using your body to unlock your potential, Sacred Geometry focuses on going back to the basics. Learning to connect your body and your practice to your life in a practical way that will empower you to be more conscious and live in the present moment.  A flow that is as sustainable as it is dynamic. 

Feeling fully alive, living consciously and feeling well. Creating space for freedom, both in the mind and body. That's what Charlotte feels when she practices yoga. Her style of teaching aims to provide students with the tools to reconnect to their roots, ask questions and explore and restore through the power of mindful movement. 

Free to members or drop in at £20 or class cards apply

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Come Find Your Superpower

A journey into uncovering your gifts with Melanie Fismer
18th November at 1.30pm, 90 min

Unearthing your Super Power is simpler than you may realise. Mel will show you how! 

Expect drumming, sacred Lakota songs, sharing circle and pranayama & kriya (breathing and purification techniques). Invigorating and playful yoga sequences will focus on conditioning to activate core, upper back and shoulders to prepare for inversions and arm balances, partner work, mini gong bath and most importantly unlocking your Super Power! 

Bring a small object that can be placed on the altar which you can take back home with you, like a small stone, crystal or a talisman. Any instruments if you have and the most colourful clothes that you are comfortable to practice in. The brighter the better! This workshop is suitable for all levels.

£20, £15 Autopay members


Hippy Therapy TYQ Exclusive


with Michael Eley

11th November at 1.30pm - 75 minutes

A lot of yoga is just sitting around on the floor, in fact that’s where some of the best stuff happens! Sometimes sitting on the floor’s not so easy though, especially if you’ve got tight hips. In fact most of us do because we spend so much time sitting around on chairs. This workshop will concentrate on the hips: whether your goal is to be able to sit in lotus pose for hours on end or just to get up and sit down more easily, you’ll improve strength and flexibility of the hips. Getting the hips to move more freely often takes the pressure off the lower back and knees, and can be therapeutic for the whole body, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting (or cycling or running or lifting heavy weights or gardening or cooking or cleaning or pretty much anything...).
The workshop won’t be held in the heat, and is suitable for all levels.

Free to autopay members or drop in at £20 or class cards apply


Bikram Yoga Basics Workshop

With Martin Wieser
9 December at 1.30pm - 75 minutes

This workshop is designed for students in their first six weeks of practice. It is a great platform to deepen the understanding of the postures, get tips and individual corrections and ask questions.
Lear the correct alignment, understand therapeutic benefits of yoga and make the most of your practice.

Free to members and introductory offer holders or drop in at £20 or class cards apply