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Fiona Alan - Bikram Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher

Having worked professionally as a dancer and then qualifying as a personal trainer Fiona always wanted to find a fitness substitute that would provide the same level of strength and muscle tone and as in her prior ballet training.

She went to her first Bikram class over 10 years ago and soon realised it had all the elements she craved. “It was amazing for me as a beginner, but also powerful in how quickly it enabled me to develop even more flexibility and balance in addition to providing an unparalleled workout! 

I love the discipline and the challenge in class and the sweaty feeling of how cleansed and stretched my body is afterwards . 

Not to mention the benefits of a longer and healthier life and am now excited to be able to motivate my students too. “

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Tom Bayston –Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Tom teaches dynamic vinyasa flow. His teaching is heavily influenced by the styles he practices including Jivamukti, Yogasana and Yin to compliment the yang. Tom has studied advanced anatomy and always enjoyed physical pursuits such as gymnastics, swimming and triathlon and has experienced injury and recovery first hand. He has worked for 20 years as a management consulting and has found Yoga to genuinely life changing in terms of finding balance and growth physically, mentally and spiritually. He started practicing yoga only relatively recently but has practiced and learned more everyday since. He completed his teacher training in June 2017 and brings this learning and experience to his classes. His classes and accessible to all regardless of previous experience and he connects and relates well with people with busy lives. He takes great pleasure from helping others find the balance that he has found through Yoga.


Cintra Brown – Bikram Hot Yoga and Nidra Teacher

Cintra is one of the original Bikram Yoga teachers and is a dedicated and knowledgeable yoga teacher with spiritual messages.  She gained her Bikram qualification in 1991 and she holds a rare certificate from the Ghosh College of Physical Education in Calcutta. Come along to experience Cintra’s class, where you will learn, laugh and come away with her

‘Cintraisms’ which are part of her teachings that help take yoga off the mat and into your everyday life.


Elizabeth Bodnarova – Bikram Hot Yoga and Jivamukti Teacher

Elizabeth has taught yoga since 2011, predominantly hot Bikram yoga and more recently Vinyasa and Jivamukti (her classes aim to be dynamic focusing on alignment and flowing sequences).  She is passionate about her own practice and keen to share the wisdom of yoga and its incredible benefits (physical as well as mental) with others.  Elizabeth is Hungarian-Slovak, has lived in Hong Kong and Sydney, and for the last 14 years she calls London home.  She is currently training to be a yoga therapist with Yogacampus. Yoga therapy tailors yoga to suit individual needs, medical conditions and injuries. Yoga is truly for everyone regardless of age, ability, occupation or belief - so find your preferred style, suitable approach and enjoy your yoga journey!

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Sasha Chapman – Bikram Hot Yoga

Sasha was first introduced to Bikram yoga in 2011 after a friend suggested she attend a couple of classes to help prevent injury whilst training for the 2012 Brighton Marathon. Even after crawling out the room in a hot, sweaty mess, she couldn’t wait to get back in there!

Sasha continued to remain dedicated to her bikram practice for the amazing health benefits and graduated from teacher training in 2013. Sasha likes to mix it up, practising Vinyasa and Ashtanga as it challenges her in a completely different way to a Bikram class. 

Sasha also has two young children, the youngest being 5 months old and has found that her yoga practice has bought a calmness to her life as well as physical wellbeing.

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Beth Crivelli – Bikram Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and Jivamukti Teacher

In 2011, disenchanted by her fashion career, Beth decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts to become a Bikram yoga teacher. Throughout the years of teaching and practicing different styles of yoga, she realised the magnitude of what yoga truly is - a physical, spiritual and ethical practice.

She has since trained in Vinyasa flow and Jivamukti yoga and in biomechanics / yoga therapy. “Throughout the years of teaching I have come to realise the extent to which we all have different bodies and different life experiences and these create a unique life story for each of us. We all have an Achilles heel and once you find it and accept it, you are ready to address it. And that is only half of the journey: awareness, acceptance and peeling away the emotional, mental, physiological and physical layers, which hold us back is the next step.”

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PaUla Cronin – Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Paula teaches various styles of yoga asana from hot yoga, dynamic vinyasa flow, slow flow, a fusion of classical Hatha/ashtanga/bikram/power, to yin yoga, restorative yoga, and also facilitates meditation and yoga Nidra.  

Paula loves the feeling yoga gives her, in her body, in her mind, and in her soul - the sense of space in the body and the mind, how the energy can be moved and freed and changed, and the sense of joy and freedom experienced from being on the mat. Paula loves sharing these gifts with others. Having dealt with her own injuries from snowboarding she is keen to support others to heal and practice safely but with a sense of freedom. 

To Paula, yoga is a more holistic and fulfilling way of working with people to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, to be happy and to enjoy life. She places a great deal of emphasis on alignment and working safely with injuries, whilst supporting people to find joy and ease in moving with breath, in improving strength, flexibility, posture, and balance, in all its forms. 

Paula is incredibly grateful for yoga, both teaching and practice, and is thrilled to welcome every student on to their mat, every single class.

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Almania Colombo – Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher

After a first disastrous Bikram class Almania started to practice regularly in the fall of 2010.

It was not love at first sight, but she grew in love with it more and more with every single class. After only 6 months she decided to go to the teacher training.

She teaches Bikram Yoga and practices it simply because it works.

“Through my work I hear and see the changes in the students lives every day. How they come in the studio with little or many issues, and soon after taking a series of classes they shine again. It’s moving and inspiring! 

It’s good for my mind and for my body...

The one thing I never regret, is spending 90 minutes of my life in the hot room.”

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Paul Spencer Dobson – Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher

Paul became a certified Bikram instructor in 2006.  He then trained as an holistic massage therapist, increasing his knowledge and understanding of the physical body.

He deepened his practice training as a Dharma Mittra yoga teacher, enabling him to bring a more profound philosophical approach to his teaching, further enhanced through training in yoga therapy and mindfulness for addictions.

Paul brings energy, respect, drive, confidence, awareness and laughter to his classes. He encourages students to have an awareness of their body and mind, and the process of practising yoga.


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Michael Eley – Bikram Hot Yoga and Yogasana Teacher

You can’t live the same moment twice. That’s why no two of Michael’s yoga classes are ever the same. If you really want to know what his classes are like, the only way to find out is to step into the hot room with him!

Michael first went to a yoga class in 2001. In 2009 he went to the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas, where he met his wonderful wife Sindy (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). He continues to study and practise to deepen his knowledge and understanding, and teaches various types of yoga all over London.

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Melanie Lowe Fismer – Bikram Hot Yog, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga Teacher

Mel was called to yoga by a deeper intuition that she did not yet understand. Mel was 19 and a bit lost and didn’t want to end up like her dad who’d had a massive stroke 4 years prior at the age of 38 as a result of a disconnection between his mind, body and spirit.

Mel’s class in three words: Playful, connected, supported

Mel’s best piece of advice: “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all.” – My beautiful mum.


Iris Grethmann – Bikram Hot Yoga

Born and raised in Germany and having moved to London in 2004, Iris started doing Bikram yoga in 2010 after a friend recommended it to her for her ongoing back problems.  Having suffered from lower back issues, sciatica and knee problems for years, she felt immediate relief and improvement despite the initially challenging heat. Through regular practice and a lot of sweat, dedication and self-discipline that she had never known before, she now feels healthier, more focused and balanced than ever.  Iris feels immensely grateful to be able to share this mentally and physically healing practice with her students.

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Marta Gruszka – Bikram Hot Yoga

Marta discovered Bikram Yoga in 2010. Her first class was a bit of a blur but she could not believe how much energy she had and how relaxed she felt afterwards. She was addicted! “With regular practise over the next few years I could feel my body & mind constantly changing for the better. I finally knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up”! I wanted to share this amazing healing practise with as many people as possible which led me to teacher training in Spring 2014.

I like to lead a strong yet compassionate class. Seeing my students working through their own challenges and ever changing bodies and minds, I remind them to never underestimate their full potential - you CAN do it – if not now, then eventually in the future!

My passion for teaching stems from teaching Polish Folk singing and dancing for over 25 years.  As a member of a Polish Folklore Dance & Song Ensemble from a very early age, I also performed throughout Australia and Poland.

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, my husband and I have been living the expat life for nearly 5 years including Germany and now London. Travelling is another passion of mine and my goal is to see as much of Europe and the UK as I possibly can.”


Sindy Haque – Bikram Hot Yoga and Yogasana Teacher

Sindy strongly believes if she can do yoga, ANYONE can do yoga.

Years of battering her body through high impact sports such as athletics and volleyball, meant physically she’d been through the mill.

After surviving the 2004 tsunami, Sindy suffered quite a lot of trauma in her body and mind. For a while she messed around trying some “yoga moves” on a beach in Thailand and then a friend suggested she try it for real. For the first time she felt a sense of calm; how her body changed was an added bonus.

Sindy has been teaching full time since 2009 and has also qualified in advanced personal training. She’s always looking to educate herself further so she can deepen her knowledge, stay connected and teach her students to the very best of her ability.


Eleanor Hurst – Bikram Hot Yoga

Eleanor started practicing Bikram yoga five years ago after trying several different styles and was immediately attracted by the endurance aspect. One of the things she loves most is how accessible and welcoming Bikram yoga is to people of all ages and backgrounds. “From the beginning, I found that practicing the same 26 postures again and again enabled me to see real (all be it slow) progress in the mirror. What I like most is that whilst the sequence of postures is always the same, every class is different.”

She completed Teacher Training in spring 2016 during a short break from work. Since returning from training she has been teaching as often as possible alongside her full-time job as a Garment Technologist.


Andrew Jungwirth – Bikram Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Teacher

For Andrew, the inspiration and energy he has benefitted from the practice of yoga has been transformative. Through his practice over the years, he has gained insight into and have drawn the strength to slough off unwanted and unnecessary layers: unsatisfying careers, enervating work, situations of negative energy, destructive relationships (with people and things!).…and fried food and red wine (err…mostly: some Friday evenings excepted). “Yeah, think my dharma and adharma still fight it out! But yoga most certainly is on my side in that struggle.”

In the course of leading and instructing hatha yoga asana (Bikram and vinyasa flow) he has been and continue to be inspired by many students’ dedication and commitment to their yoga practice. “I am enriched by observing the benefits – physically, physiologically emotionally and in subtle other ways – they have gained and been empowered by over time through a regularly maintained practice. I am always energised by the warmth, strength and kindness of fellow dedicated yogis and yoginis.”


Leon London – Rocket Yoga

Leon’s interest in physical culture started at age 11, with martial arts. He spent the next two decades exploring various arts, including capoeira , boxing, Thai massage therapy and sports massage ( qualified therapist ), he has ran his own successful fitness and yoga studio for the last 7 years as PT and functional fitness coach in a wide range of methods including traditional Indian club training, (taught by Kristin Jalli ). He was introduced to Hatha yoga by his mother in his early twenties with Kashmir yoga taught by Billy Doyle.

Since then he has studied and attended workshops with with notable yogis such as David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Danny Paradise & Kino McGregor.

No matter which discipline of movement Leon was drawn to, he would always gravitate back to his yoga mat. He undertook an Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson and furthered his studies with in the Rocket Yoga method with David Kyle(200h), and with The Yoga People (200h Jaime and Dulce).

Leon conducts intensive Rocket workshops throughout England and abroad. His love of strength in anatomy and integration of functional  movement are reflected in his intelligent and helpful teaching style. Leon’s classes are foremost  fun!  He will encourage you to fly through a flow of inversions, arm balances and floating set to an uplifting urban soundtrack.


Laura Mcdonald – Bikram Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga Teacher

Laura stepped into a yoga studio for the first time in 2005. It was a Bikram Yoga class and it was love at first sweat. At the time she was pursuing an acting career but spending a lot more time doing other jobs to pay the bills rather than doing what she loved.

In 2009 she made the decision to go to Bikram Yoga teacher training, thinking that it might work as a part time job alongside the acting, she didn't realise just how much she would enjoy teaching and that this passion would in time completely take over.

She teaches full time, teaching at various studios in London as well as in Bristol and Bournemouth. In 2016 Laura travelled to Vancouver, Canada to train with Yin Yoga teacher Bernie Clark and is finding that this slower paced, meditative form of yoga is an excellent compliment to the more 'Yang' style practice of Bikram Yoga.

Follow her on Instagram @postcardsfromlaurasville


Sibel Olcer – Bikram Hot Yoga

Sibel has been a Bikram Yoga practitioner and enthusiast for over a decade. 

“For years I practiced regularly while working in the advertising industry. The hot room was my place to go after a day in the office to have a good stretch and clear my mind. I enjoyed the mental clarity and good night sleep that followed a class.

When I fell pregnant I had to take a break but six weeks after my sons birth in 2009 I was back in the hot room. I was exhausted, weak, stiff and couldn’t even touch my toes. But after that first class back - I felt the benefits so profoundly - I knew the time had come to deepen my understanding of the yoga and share the benefits with others. With the support of my family, I attended the Teacher Training program in LA in 2011 and ever since have been enjoying sharing all I’ve learnt. My hope as a teacher is for everyone who comes to share their energy in the hot room to have a great class and feel amazing the next day.”


Monde Phahlane – Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher

Monde's first Bikram Yoga class in December 2010 was a huge turning point in her life.  Full of energy and vitality, she was hooked and immediately knew she wanted to teach.  As a massage therapist Monde has a passion for anatomy and physiology and understands the major role Bikram Yoga plays to improve the functions of the body.  She strongly believes that regular practice is the ideal way to nuture the body and soul to help deal with the stress and demands of daily life.  Monde feels very privileged to be able to share her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge with others.  She completed teacher training in 2014.


Nina Rashid – Yin and Yoga Nidra

Nina has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1998, her first yoga class was on a beach in Kerala, India.

Since leaving the airline industry which took her around the world, Nina now teaches hot yoga, yin, restorative and yoga nidra at various studios in London.

Nina is also an Accessible Yoga ambassador, working to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of ability and background.


Dirish Shaktidas - Yin-yang, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga Teacher

Dirish Shaktidas is a flexitarian, immersed in the world of holistic healing. Dirish has been practicing yoga and meditate for 10 years, and teaches Vinyasa Flow, Dynamic, Yin Restore, and is a socialist in Shkati Dance, the Yoga of Dance. He was trained under Yoga Works in LA and mentored by Maty and Kia Miller.

His classes are described as rejuvenating, dynamic, and chilled, and his teaching is clear, concise and mindful, with the focus on the breath, alignment and bringing you into a state of inner peace.  Dirish leads his life by honouring his intention to help others, and becoming more conscious within thus becoming more aware outward. He is influenced by multiple yogic disciplines and teachers from the past, present and future.  He believes that experience is life and life is the experience which is the greatest teacher. 

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Martin Wieser – Bikram Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Teacher

Yoga has improved every aspect of my life. I believe regular practice leads to a stronger, flexible and eventually more calmer mind & body. 

I believe that people from all walks of life practice yoga for various reasons and their hard work and dedication inspires me every time both when I practice and teaching.

After years of failed attempts at 'getting fit' and kicking bad habits, the strict routine; breathing exercises and mix of tension and release had me hooked immediately. 

People together practicing yoga in a class creates a special energy, never have I found myself in a more supportive and non-judgmental environment than a yoga class and I feel blessed to be part of a great community striving for health and self-awareness.



Ana Wood – Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher

Ana loves working with people who are interested in the benefits of exploring a mind-body practice that improves every aspect of life. 

For me it all started with a sneeze 10 years ago that left me with agonising back pain. It turns that I had a prolapsed disc, which several times confined me to the floor. After a discectomy and a recommendation from a friend I found yoga. I firmly believe that Bikram yoga helped speed my recovery and has given me the muscle tone and flexibility to avoid this happening again.

Perhaps like you, when I started yoga, my body hurt, I was stiff and sore, couldn't focus or even balance! The physical challenge was less frightening to me as I was a national-standard kayaker in a past life and understand the demands of an intensive training block. What I struggled with was the letting go of expectation, being so competitive and always wanting to be first. 

I've changed a lot after that first class, the deep relaxation I felt afterward and the sense of pride at having done something so good for myself was tremendous. The benefits only keep increasing; stress relief, developing my mental ability to focus on what is really important in life. The change is still happening thanks to all my wonderful teachers and of course, you students! 

What I get inspired by are the people who can barely finish but never give up.


Ahmed Zambarakji – Yogasana and Dynamic Vinyasa Teacher

Ahmed is a bodyworker and healer whose practise draws on elements of Bikram, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and element-based yoga. His emphasis is on the therapeutic benefits of asana and connection with the subtle energy bodies, rather than ‘picture perfect’ postures. Students can expect a pacy, sweaty class that's set to music and features lots of hands on adjustments. Meditation, philosophy and massage are key elements of every class.

His own discovery of yoga came at the tail end of a long period of physical and mental healing some 10 years ago. Ahmed had turned to somatic therapy, Chinese Medicine and Shamanic Arts in an effort to heal persist issues with his own body. A yoga practice cemented his recovery and is now a central part of his life. He is deeply grateful to his mentors: Stewart Gilchrist - with whom he recently completed a 200hr training - Shomit Mitter, David Manning, Ena Vie and Louka Leppard.